Custom Tailored Solutions

Why Choose VerifiSec?

Dot Connectors

Our company will be a growth engine for companies and enterprises,
Through – business development, increasing sales, opening up new markets, connecting with the right people, raising capital and consulting technology.

We Scale Along with You

Our uniqueness is to connect the points – both technological and financial.
Our team members have been accompanying the high-tech scene for many years – we are living and breathing the global economy.
We offer you a variety of business and technological services.

Fly with Us

We have the tools and experience to help you jump-start your business and of course develop your idea of a familiar technology.
Together with you, we will build a business strategy, precise planning and solutions that are ranked to the point where your goal – your business, takes a huge leap

Connecting People to Innovation
What we can offer you

Tech Consultancy

As technology consultants, we not only need to be on top of the latest technology trends, but the next best thing that’s coming down the pipeline. We become aware of and comfortable with new technologies as soon as we can. The most up-to-date knowledge and skills give us a competitive edge in the industry. We don’t stop learning about emerging trends. We stay ahead of the curve to bring the best solutions to our clients

Fund Raising

We will connect you to Smart Money only –  we believe that Dumb money will not contribute to your success- on the conterary… We will arrange equity financing for companies from emerging and lower middle market by way of private equity, venture capital and strategic investment groups.

Cyber Defense

VerifiSec’s Cyber Defense consultancy service draws on extensive experience to help you expand or build your own company incident response team or security operations center.